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BB Block Paving Driveways Birmingham are a specialist paving and driveways company from Birmingham. We offer free no obligation quotations, quick turn around, 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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BB Block Paving Driveways Birmingham are a specialist paving and driveways company from Birmingham. Our skilled team have have over 100+ years of combined experience in the paving and driveway industry. Our promise to you – Unparalleled quality of workmanship, unbeatable prices, free no obligation quotations, quick turn around, 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Block Paving

We offer a variety of different patterns and styles to suit your completed driveway, our team of skilled professionals can help you decide which pattern, colorway and style will suit your driveway best.


Pathways, steps, patios, bases and features.

Tarmac Driveways

Roads, car parks, paths and driveways.


Pipework, footings, manholes and services.

One way to improve the look, feel, and even value of your home is to have a block paved driveway or patio area installed. The good news is that they cost a relatively small amount.

There are many different products that can transform the look and feel of your home; there are economical ranges available for driveways that create a practical yet attractive surface, through to intricate and beautiful designs that can cost a little more, but look stunning. 

There’s as much choice when it comes to patios thanks to a range of surfaces going from economical utility options to top-end paving products. Natural Stone itself is option for driveways and patios. 

You can get your hands on a uniquely distinct and beautiful home at a relatively low cost with our services. As we take plenty of pride in our paving, BB Block Paving Driveways Birmingham only use ethically sourced materials.

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Block Paving Driveways Birmingham

We combine the latest advancements in driveway systems with traditional methods to meet any requirements you have for your driveway. We’ll work together with you and help you to find the best solution to meet your needs. We also take the time to explain our installation process to you.

Whether you’re interested in a traditional, contemporary, or futuristic finish we’ve got the materials and designs needed to provide you with the ideal solution. We make use of patented paving materials like Drivesys and Priora. These materials are man-made but they still have a natural-looking finish or have a permeable membrane that helps with drainage.

We always consider water channels and drainage during the design and installation process to ensure that no water damage is incurred upon the completion of the new driveway. We will also pave over manholes to make them match the new design and make them discreet.

Block paving is ideal when it comes to driveways. The stones offer a lot of grip which makes them ideal during the winter. Don’t worry that the ground may become too slippery. The stones are also tough enough to stand under the weight from any car, so don’t worry about the stones cracking under pressure.

Some people consider using paving stones to make their driveway. We feel this isn’t practical. Stones may crack under pressure, and they may lift up. They have to be replaced if this should happen. This problem doesn’t exist with block paving, which is able to support even large vehicles without an issue.

You could build a block driveway that connects your driveway and home, or connect your driveway and patio without any problems. Many people choose block paving as it is available in a range of colours and offers a lot of choice.

Features Included With Our Driveway Installations

  • Adding security posts to give you more control over the people who access your drive. These posts provide a stylish and simple solution for deterring theft.
  • Introduction kerbs, which are ideal for those who want a neater partition between the driveway and lawn/other areas

An attractive and well-laid block paving driveway creates the perfect first impression as superior quality craftsmanship boosts the effect of the patio design and creates the ideal place to sit out during the summer with wine while taking in the garden wildlife.

BB Block Paving Driveways Birmingham have all the experience and workmanship needed to provide you with superior block paving for your driveway and patio, boosting the aesthetic appeal of your home and ensures that you are provided with a top quality product sure to serve your family for many years.

A high quality block paving installation combines style with structure, and BB Block Paving Driveways Birmingham guarantees this with careful preparation.

We ensure that your block paving driveway and patio won’t shift by excavating to the specific depth of 250mm, clearing out any debris from the site to leave you with a tidy looking home.

Given that a freshly laid driveway with green shoots of weeds poking through is one of the worst things to look at, we make sure to lay down a geotex membrane above the excavated surface to add strength to the patio and prevent weeds growing.

We then create a stable sub-base through a layer of MOT Type 1 aggregate that is then compressed. All of this happens before we even set down the first block.


As far as style goes, there are a number of choices on offer with a range of different styles, patterns, thicknesses, textures, and colours of block paving to choose from. We also have a range of kerb and edging solutions to meet your needs.

If you need help during the design stage then our team of experts will be on hand to inspire you with plenty of different ideas. Most homeowners choose to go with traditional herringbone patterns, which give your drive and patio excellent strength, but we’re also able to help you gain a contemporary or rustic look if you want. No matter what you decide on in the end, we will turn your visions into reality with our excellent workmanship.

After the paving is laid down we will use a layer of mechanically compacted grit sand and a screed to work out the water levels and complete the project.

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Block paving is available in a selection of different colours, allowing you to create a unique design without any problems. Many people feel that block paving can be difficult to maintain and it makes them wary of using it. The reality is that block paving is actually the most popular solution you could choose for a durable driveway.

Block paving is durable and won’t become worn down, nor does it become cracked like tarmac can. Block paving also doesn’t get too hot in the summer, making it ideal for people that keep their car parked on their driveway rather than in their garage.

With BB Block Paving Driveways Birmingham we give you total flexibility and control over the design, whether you’re after a colourful circular design or a criss-cross pattern using one or two colours we can help you decide the best design for whatever it is that you have in mind.


Block paving makes an ideal choice for pathways. While you won’t have the option of creating a swirl or circular pattern, you still have the option of using any colour that you want for your pathway. Block paving doesn’t require much maintenance, but you will find the occasional weed or bit of moss growing between bricks.

It takes just a few seconds to sort this out though, and the colour of the blocks doesn’t fade. A paving stone pathway has a higher chance of succumbing to weeds and cracking under pressure.

Block paving provides a tough and durable solution and the small stones make for a great support structure holding everything together firmly. Because the sections in block paving are small, you’ll have little difficulty creating a curved pathway that goes through the garden or connect the driveway to the house.


If you’re going to consider block paving for a patio then you have to consider the benefits offered by block paving. Most people feel wood decking should be used for outside flooring. The reality is that this choice comes with a range of problems.

One major problem associated with wood is that it rots over time. It may also become infested with insects and mites. If wood gets stained then it has to be re-stained because of wear and tear. Wood can also be soft, with the treads of the wood splitting and splintering as time passes. That’s something that should be avoided to get everything you can out of the money you put into your patio.

Block paving doesn’t come with any of these problems. The only problem you have to watch out for with block paving is the occasional outburst of moss between stones. Even if you notice some moss was growing, the only thing you have to do is use weed killer and let the problem clear itself up quickly enough.

This is something that can’t be done with other kinds of paving materials which makes block paving a great choice for people that want outdoor flooring that doesn’t require much maintenance.

Areas We Service

Our team of expert tradesman have over 15 years of experience and are committed to delivering an exceptional product while adding additional value to your property in Birmingham and the surrounding areas such as Handsworth, Hockley, Erdington, Handsworth Wood, Bourville, Bearwood, Edgebaston, Alum Rock, Hall Green, Washwood, Smethwick, Small Heath, Sparkhill, Harborne, Lozells, King’s Heath.

If you’re looking to improve the overall aesthetic appeal of your property you need to consider using block paving.

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