Block Paving

Benefits of Block Paving

Block paving can be a generally inexpensive choice, especially if you choose to have a basic rectangular shape. If you are looking to get curves, shapes, and use different colours, then you should expect to pay a little more. Even so, the end result will always be worth the investment. That’s something you never have to worry about. Block paving is also useful for creating steps and an elevated area.

If there is room for a BBQ in your garden and you want to raise it, then you’ll have no problem doing this when using block paving. There are some cases where you will also have to do some draining, but even then the price wouldn’t be much more than a different outdoor flooring solution. You should have very little problem getting just the right price for just what you have in mind.

Some people are worried about parking their car on a block paving driveway because they are worried that the petrol from the car will stain the colours of the stone. There’s no need to worry about stained stones however, as it’s possible to replace an individual block at a low price.

Another great benefit of using block paving is that they are produced by a manufacturer and are not cut from natural stone. This makes it cheaper to purchase them, but it also means they are uniform in size. That’s great if you’re looking to get an even finish where the stones fit together well and are evenly sized. It can be difficult to get natural stone to be just the right size, but this isn’t a problem with block paving.

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A Little More Information

Block paving is generally made in rectangle shapes, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have several options at your disposal. You can change the size of the blocks to have smaller, wider, longer, and thinner blocks. This means that you have an endless amount of choice when it comes to designing a driveway, patio, and pathway. You might want to use larger stones with a driveway for example, and you may have the option to choose the depth of the grooves between stones.

There are some designs that may call for the grooves to be completely filled up to create a smooth and level finish, while you might also have a design that fits a cobbled style with the pointing deeper into the stone to create the appearance of the stones being raised. It doesn’t matter what you choose and what design you go with though, as there are plenty of overall benefits to choosing block paving for your driveway, patio, and pathway.

One of these is cost, as block paving remains one of the cheapest solutions for outdoor flooring. You may have to pay more to have a more intricate design installed, but even then this cost will be less than the cost of installing another stone-based material.

It’s possible to replace broken stones individually and block paving is a great choice for commercial purposes; they can be installed as a business driveway or used in the pathways that lead to the front door of your business. No matter what, they are still one of the very best materials for outdoor flooring so consider block paving for your outdoor flooring needs.

Block Paving

We offer a variety of different patterns and styles to suit your completed driveway, our team of skilled professionals can help you decide which pattern, colorway and style will suit your driveway best.

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